Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mirror Makeover Fail

This gold mirror has been in my family for a while.  I mean, it's not heirloom or anything, but it was on the wall in our home since I was about 10.  Then my parents moved to a new home about 8 years ago and didn't want it.  I have had in my apartment since.  With the move to a new apartment, I have gone with a modern, casual decor, and the gold doesn't really work with the space anymore.  So I decided to paint.  And failed.

There it is, all taped up and ready to go!  I bought a blue paint to try to match our backsplash and/or curtains...

You will see the blue color is almost gray.  So that was the look I was going for.  The paint I bought was beautiful and I really do love it, just not on the mirror.

While this pic was taken at night, I think the flash on the camera shows you  the true color

 You can see from the picture that the blue/gray color in the curtains, which is what I was going for, doesn't match the blue at all.  Now, I am not trying to be all matchy-matchy and get them perfect, but I think the hue is all wrong.  Oh well!  Live and learn.  I will have to try to find a way to fix it.  I have some leftover silver paint which I may try to lightly cover, but I think I should just resolved by repainting :(

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