Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bridal Gown Ivory

I got married almost two years and still look at the pictures almost on a weekly basis.  It was a magical day that was perfect (there were a few hiccups like one of the musicians not showing up, but it was still great all-in-all).  I loved my dress and felt like it was made just for me (in some ways, it was. I bought from Kleinfeld's and met the designer the day I bought it. She did the measurements herself!).  The sad thing about wedding dresses is they just sit in your closet, basement, attic or storage, never to be worn again.  I have been meaning to sell it so that some other lucky lady (or small man, if he wanted to!) could enjoy it as much as I did.  But I am lazy and never get around to it!  I was thinking about it again today, saying "You know, I really should really get on that," but instead decided to make a little inspiration board :)  I *will* get around to selling it!

Pillows by CSN Stores

Jayson Home & Garden

I came across Jayson Home & Garden's site and absolutely fell in love.  Some of the pieces are very modern and sleek and deserve to be in some over-price boutique hotel in NYC.  And other pieces feel like they belong in your home.  These rustic, vintage Americana pieces definitely should be in my home:


Farmhouse Table

With the possibility of a new home looming in my mind, I have been thinking more and more about a dining room table.  Right now, because I live in NYC and I literally cannot fit more than 2 people at a time in my kitchen, I don't have a table.  I do have a bistro table and chairs in the living room which is supposed to act as a dining table, but really just acts more like a storage bin.  So you can imagine my excitement about having an actual table. 
I have been eying rustic farmhouse tables even though it doesn't really fuse with the rest of the decor.  There is just something so sexy about a weathered table matched with sleek chairs.  Fest your eyes on this beauty!

Teva Living table

Too bad it's $1700.  I will have to do some hard investigating to find on similar for half that price!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dusty Rose

A few months ago I attended my cousin's wedding, and while I normally try not to buy new dresses for such events (I have a closet full and try to invent new ways to dress things up), I saw this Zara dress and fell in love with the color.  I have worn it to work and other functions since then and always get complimented on the color. This picture doesn't do it justice.  

It's a crappy picture, so apologies.  The color in real life is more dynamic and romantic.  I got me thinking about designing an entire room in this Dusted Rose color.  I imagine it's a room in a cozy town outside Paris, a rainy day, Johnny Depp, a bottle of wine... ok, I am getting too into this.  Let's just talk about the decor, shall we??

Dusty Rose Americana Acrylic Paint

To my surprise, Americana has a Dusty Rose paint color which doesn't seem too 'mauvey.'  I love love love these chairs by Layla Grayce.  I bet they look even more stunning in person.

One of my favorite  pictures (and desktop background) is this one. The dusty pink and haunting grays make it so beautiful.  I wish I could wear it as a dress ;)

Bathing Suit Inspiration

I think most women can agree there is nothing worse than bathing suit shopping.  With the dressing room's horrible lighting, to the security sensor sticking right into the side of your boob, to the fact that you have your underwear on underneath, it's not pretty.  Or fun.  Usually I do my bathing suit shopping online, which is probably worse.  But that's just the way a I roll!  I saw this Tibi bathing suit and loved the navy, pink and white colors.

You may not be able to see from this small picture, but there is navy in there (it may look purple).  Anyway, I also recently saw this room in House Beautiful, designed by Ken Fulk.

There is such a beautiful richness to the wall color, and the white and pink accent it perfectly.  I then cane across this....
Kirsten Brant via ELLE Decor
Woah.  Too much.  But I do love the shade of pink on the far wall and the couches.  Although my home decor is mostly earth tones and deep neutral colors, I'd love to throw this in somewhere!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yellow + Purple - 'N' Sync = True Love

When I was younger, my bedroom was yellow and purple.  It stayed this way for about 10 years.  I never wanted to change it.   My parents sold the house and, for whatever reason, I never revisited the color combination (at least not in terms of home decor).  I came across this Diane Von Furstenberg dress and immediately though about my childroom room. 

Ideally, my room would have looked like this:
But instead, it had pale yellow walls, lavender linens, daffodil-colored chiffon drapes and a poster of 'N' Sync (don't judge me).  If I could go back in time, I would kick it up a notch (but hey, what 10 year old demands plum and hot yellow? I cannot be blamed for my decor or music tastes).  Here are just a few of the pieces I would add to my dream room.
Z Gallerie
Citron Textured Wallpaper (via Material Girls blog)
Bagnaresi Casa pillows
A girl can dream...

Red, White & Black

I recently bought a pair of red pumps and have been trying to figure out how to wear them more often.  I have been playing it safe by wearing them with a simple black dress.  But I saw these two dresses on Net-A-Porter and am inspired to be brave!
Vivienne Westwood
Notte by Marchesa

 Even the model has on red pumps. How can I go wrong??  Now, where to find a black and white striped dress that isn't $400... That will take some work. 
via, Design by Miles Redd, Photo by Simon Upton

Speaking of red, white and black, check out this amazing living room, designed by Miles Redd (I am sure he meant no pun).  It's bold and strong, yet looks very cozy.  I'd love to have a statement piece of art on my wall just the one hanging above the couch.  I think I could replicate it <>worried look<>.  Maybe for my next project :)


Hello World!  

After months of talking about actually getting my blog up and running, I've finally did it!  As you may see in the "About" tab, I worked for a publisher whose portfolio included a high-end fashion magazine as well as a home decor magazine.  As someone who works in advertising, I was constantly on the site and flipping through the magazine.  And while doing so, I was saving outfit ideas, fashion trends, funky color palettes, and the like.  Soon my "Inspiration" folder was full of interesting fabrics, colors, furniture, accessories, even pictures of the interior of people's homes that I didn't know!  So I decided to compile all these images in this blog.  

I hope you enjoy :)
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