Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dusty Rose

A few months ago I attended my cousin's wedding, and while I normally try not to buy new dresses for such events (I have a closet full and try to invent new ways to dress things up), I saw this Zara dress and fell in love with the color.  I have worn it to work and other functions since then and always get complimented on the color. This picture doesn't do it justice.  

It's a crappy picture, so apologies.  The color in real life is more dynamic and romantic.  I got me thinking about designing an entire room in this Dusted Rose color.  I imagine it's a room in a cozy town outside Paris, a rainy day, Johnny Depp, a bottle of wine... ok, I am getting too into this.  Let's just talk about the decor, shall we??

Dusty Rose Americana Acrylic Paint

To my surprise, Americana has a Dusty Rose paint color which doesn't seem too 'mauvey.'  I love love love these chairs by Layla Grayce.  I bet they look even more stunning in person.

One of my favorite  pictures (and desktop background) is this one. The dusty pink and haunting grays make it so beautiful.  I wish I could wear it as a dress ;)

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