Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Red, White & Black

I recently bought a pair of red pumps and have been trying to figure out how to wear them more often.  I have been playing it safe by wearing them with a simple black dress.  But I saw these two dresses on Net-A-Porter and am inspired to be brave!
Vivienne Westwood
Notte by Marchesa

 Even the model has on red pumps. How can I go wrong??  Now, where to find a black and white striped dress that isn't $400... That will take some work. 
via ELLEdecor.com, Design by Miles Redd, Photo by Simon Upton

Speaking of red, white and black, check out this amazing living room, designed by Miles Redd (I am sure he meant no pun).  It's bold and strong, yet looks very cozy.  I'd love to have a statement piece of art on my wall just the one hanging above the couch.  I think I could replicate it <>worried look<>.  Maybe for my next project :)

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