Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cobalt Blue

I am totally digging this blue dress on Minka Kelly.  I mean, she can do no wrong with that face and body, but still!  She also scores tons of points in my book for being on one of my all-time favorite shows, Friday Night Lights.  <single tear>

I found a similar dress by Dorothy Perkins. It's a little more conservative, a little more Mad Men.
Click here to buy
I don't know if I would have enough guts to do this...

but I would definitely love to do this in my home. I absolutely love the blue + white + dark wood combination. It's so bold yet classic and clean.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kate Spade Westward Collection

I recently checked out the Kate Spade store in Soho and came across the new (it's new to me, at least!) Westward collection.  I absolutely love the sequins, leather and detail on the bags.  The Ingenue Clutch juxtaposes leather and sequins.  I think it's a beautiful combination, one that I don't see often (ever?) in a bag.

I also love the Wanderlust Satchel, which is described as having "italian ostrich embossed cowhide with italian suede trim." I never knew there were Italian ostriches.  Do you think they drink cappuccino??  Anyway, I digress.  
Kate Spade

So the satchel is 800 bones.  Yea, that's a little outta my price range.  But the clutch, which is made from the same exotic material, is $545.  Still a lot for a clutch, but so adorable!  A girl can dream...
Kate Spade

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Players gonna play

Since my visit to LA and staying at the gorgeous The Redbury, I have wanted a record player.  The one in the room was a Crosley record player, which had pretty good sound quality (I assume there are tons of guests who don't know how to use a record player and damage the ones in the room, so any issues I chalked up to that!).  They also seem to be fairly affordable at $125.
This one by Jensen is little more modern looking and will probably work with our decor better.  It's also slightly cheaper (between $50-80).
I don't really consider myself a rock 'n' roller, but if I were, I'd definitely buy this Pyle player.  This one is the most expensive, at $150+.
Any recommendations??

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wearing Today

Hey everybody!  I decided, in addition to doing Wearing Today, I would also try to do a 'get this look for less.'  Here what I have on:
Kenneth Cole studded tank top, BCBG short-sleeve blazer, black Tahari skirt, faux croc clutch, black wedge shoes by Tory Burch

And here are some 'look for less' ideas:
$4.95 at Kmart!
I bought that BCBG mini-blazer a while ago and can't really find anything comparable, but I think this is adorable :)
$29.99 from MetroStyle.com
$19.99 from JCPenny
$24.99 from Target

Since the clutch only cost less than $20, I won't do a look for it (can we get less than $14??). But here is another, more expensive, option:
Aldo $35

Wooden Bead Necklace

 I recently saw a tutorial on Martha Stewart for a wooden bib necklace.  So I gave it a whirl!  
Here is the finished product:

I used 3/8" beads that I bought on eBay for $6.50.  I had wire, ribbon and clasps laying around, so I didn't need to buy anything besides the beads.  Anyway, here is a full supply list:
  • 120 beads, 3/8", wooden (or any material you'd like)
  • about 70" of wire (the tutorial estimated 73", but I definitely used less. I am not sure how much, so get 70" just to be safe)
  • 24 inches of ribbon (12 inches for each side)
  • 5 crimps (the tutorial calls for 3, but I used more - details below)
  • Pliers and wire cutters
So here is the basic design:

1) Start out with 18" of wire.  Put on 11 beads.  When putting on the 12th bead, make sure both ends of the wire go through the hole.  I have highlighted which bead that is.  This something you will repeat throughout the necklace, so from now on I will refer to it as "double bead" to make life easier :)  (do you like how I just make up terms??).
2) Add 5 beads to both sides and "double bead" the 6th. Repeat one more time.  Once you have done that, you will have the first 'tower' complete.  Now here comes the tricky part.
3) The tutorial shows the crimp somehow in between the beads.  Since most pliers won't fit in the hole (I have a few sets and even my smallest ones couldn't get in there well enough to crimp closed), I had to crimp on the side.  So basically I put the last (6th) bead on one side, pulled both wires through the crimp, and closed the crimp next to the bead.

The crimp ended up being in between bead 5 and 6, instead of in between 6.  Not the end of the world, but it would be nice if Ms. Stewart explained how to get the crimp inside the bead!
4) Take more wire and start all over!  Put on 7 beads, then take one side of the wire and thread through the 3rd bead of the 2nd loop.  On the same side, put on 2 more beads and "double bead" the last one. Do this again on the same side of the necklace and two more times on the other side of the necklace.

5) I was about 20 beads shy (somehow!) of doing two extra loops at the top on each side, so I just did one on each side.  Ah, live & learn!  
6) I then added a crimp (closed it), added a bead, and then another crimp. Before I closed the last crimp, I threaded the wire through to make a loop.  Then I closed the crimp and added ribbon.  I knotted the ribbon at one end and used my little trick (of burning the edges*) on the other end.
*Lightly burn the edges of the ribbon to stop from fraying.  Hold out a lighter towards to ribbon.  Do not get too close or you will burn your hand and project!  Once you see the ribbon start to brown and curl, move it away.  It only takes a second.

7) Wear it and work it ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bellatrix Lestrange

look at this hot mama. yoowza.

I don't really have anything relevant to post about her. Just thought it was a sexy pic :)


Y'all, I am in L.A at The Redbury and it's bombass.  Not gonna try to play it down like I am some cool kid that hangs out at these types of places.  I don't.  I sit at home with my hubby and watch movies or drink draft beer with my friends at local bars that play Radiohead.  I don't go to clubs or lounges.  But my company has put me up in a pretty swank place.  Check it out!

Living room (with the stripper pole)


how cute are these cups!

love the bathroom stuff

the bed

record playa'

balcony with view of courtyard

more of the bed

reading chair in the living room


this handsoap is too cool for me!

mis-matched china

kitchen art


washer/dryer - y'all, my NYC apt doesn't even have one of these!

look at that kitchen!! so cute

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Who doesn't love Anthropologie? It's the best. Literally, the best. My only beef with it is that it's quite expensive.  I normally don't buy anything from them full price, unless I really am in love.  Their sale section is pretty good, at least at the one in NYC (@ 30 Rock).  I got a really cute pair of shoes, a belt, 4 knobs (no idea what I will use them for yet!) and a small bowl for my rings.  The clothes in the sale room were slim pickin's, but I am happy with my purchase.

 Excuse the awful blue/gray carpet in my office :)

On sale for $2 each

$19.99, originally $42

On sale $3.95
Not sure why, but when I upload pictures from my phone to Picassa, it adds that gray bar at the bottom of my pictures.  ::scratches head::
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