Monday, August 29, 2011

Kate Spade Westward Collection

I recently checked out the Kate Spade store in Soho and came across the new (it's new to me, at least!) Westward collection.  I absolutely love the sequins, leather and detail on the bags.  The Ingenue Clutch juxtaposes leather and sequins.  I think it's a beautiful combination, one that I don't see often (ever?) in a bag.

I also love the Wanderlust Satchel, which is described as having "italian ostrich embossed cowhide with italian suede trim." I never knew there were Italian ostriches.  Do you think they drink cappuccino??  Anyway, I digress.  
Kate Spade

So the satchel is 800 bones.  Yea, that's a little outta my price range.  But the clutch, which is made from the same exotic material, is $545.  Still a lot for a clutch, but so adorable!  A girl can dream...
Kate Spade

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