Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Coral

I splurged on a new bottle of Essie nail polish ($8?? are they joking?) in color 'Tart Deco.'  I loved the light coral color and didn't see any others with a similar color.

And if I thought $8 was a lot to throw down, I should have thought again when I splurged on this blouse (I am too embarrassed to say how much it cost.. but I had to have it!).
I definitely had buyer's remorse, especially when I found this gorgeous dress for only $30!

As much as I love coral (which I think is evident by how much I spent on that stupid top!), I could never bring myself to use it in my home.  But maybe I will splurge on a beach house and go coral & turquoise from ceiling to rug ;)
Pink Wallpaper

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