Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick & Easy Lamp Makeover

Lamps can be expensive, huh?  I never really realized since I've had the same few lamps for a while now.  But shopping around has made me realized you can't get a good-lookin' one for less than $40, which won't break the bank, but it's a lamp!  I was at my local thrift store and saw a shade for $3 and this lamp for $2.

I used some sand paper to try and scuff up a little before I primed.  Not really sure if it's necessary but I thought I'd better be safe than sorry.  Then I primed and added 2 coats of white spray paint.  Then to tackle the shade.  

Originally I thought I was going to do add gold leaf to it. I was inspired by this lamp from Pier 1.

 Unfortunately I realized the shade was stained after I had already bought it.  So I decided to cover with fabric.

I laid the shade on top of the fabric and hot glued one end down along the shade's hem (see picture below).  Then I wrapped the shade and glued again along the sem.  I then tucked the ends in and glued to the inside of the shade.  Since the inside bottom hem was uneven, I added ribbon to the edge on the inside to hide it.  This was really more for me than anything else - it would drive me crazy if I saw it from below.  I know, I know, I am buh-honkers.  OR you could just cut it evenly in the first place :) 

And that's it!  Easy as pie :)  As Steve Carell would say, "I love lamp."  I already had the fabric leftover from some pillows I sewed, so all in all, the lamp cost me $5.


  1. love! now just to get end tables, so i can do this with lamps!

  2. I really like this lamp! I am always looking for new ways to cover shades also! THANKS!

  3. I was looking forever for a floor lamp that cost less than $100, eventually found an old 1920's Mogul 6-way complete with reflector and silk shade on the local Craigslist for just $20. It currently sits next to my desk in my bedroom. You can see pics here and my blog is The Vintage Recipe Blog


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