Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Y'all, I am in L.A at The Redbury and it's bombass.  Not gonna try to play it down like I am some cool kid that hangs out at these types of places.  I don't.  I sit at home with my hubby and watch movies or drink draft beer with my friends at local bars that play Radiohead.  I don't go to clubs or lounges.  But my company has put me up in a pretty swank place.  Check it out!

Living room (with the stripper pole)


how cute are these cups!

love the bathroom stuff

the bed

record playa'

balcony with view of courtyard

more of the bed

reading chair in the living room


this handsoap is too cool for me!

mis-matched china

kitchen art


washer/dryer - y'all, my NYC apt doesn't even have one of these!

look at that kitchen!! so cute

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