Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bathing Suit Inspiration

I think most women can agree there is nothing worse than bathing suit shopping.  With the dressing room's horrible lighting, to the security sensor sticking right into the side of your boob, to the fact that you have your underwear on underneath, it's not pretty.  Or fun.  Usually I do my bathing suit shopping online, which is probably worse.  But that's just the way a I roll!  I saw this Tibi bathing suit and loved the navy, pink and white colors.

You may not be able to see from this small picture, but there is navy in there (it may look purple).  Anyway, I also recently saw this room in House Beautiful, designed by Ken Fulk.

There is such a beautiful richness to the wall color, and the white and pink accent it perfectly.  I then cane across this....
Kirsten Brant via ELLE Decor
Woah.  Too much.  But I do love the shade of pink on the far wall and the couches.  Although my home decor is mostly earth tones and deep neutral colors, I'd love to throw this in somewhere!

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