Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flower & Chain Necklace

As I mentioned on Monday, I have completed a few DIY projects, but have been so busy with work and our 1st home (we're in contract but there are so many things left to do!).  Here is one of the things I worked on over the weekend.

I saw this necklace on Pinterest (exact retail price unknown, but it was listed between $100-$200) and knew I could replicate.  

Unfortunately I couldn't find flowers that were identical to these. I could have ordered some online, but I was at Michael's and am inpatient.  In any case, I found similar flowers for $1.99.  I glued each flower to a piece of black felt ($0.99).  Once the glue was dry, I cut off the extra pieces of felt so you could not see it behind the flowers.  I then sewed the felt to the end of gold chain ($3.99) and attached a clasp.  That's it!  Easy as pie!  And all for under $7.  I may, if I can find pure white large flowers, swap these out.  If I 'upgrade' I will be sure to post.

the picture quality makes the flowers look really yellow


  1. That's so sweet! I really love the finished product :)

    Thanks so much for linking to 20 Below Thursday!! :)

  2. What a pretty necklace! Thank you for sharing at Simply Creations Link Party!


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