Friday, September 23, 2011

Textured Walls

I have been thinking about.... wallpaper.  I know.  Cringe.  Well, maybe not wallpaper, but some sort of wall texture.  And not the entire room, maybe just one focal wall.  

I love this, but fear it's wallpaper.  
ELLE Decor

Seems like paint and a stencil?
belle maison

I can paint.  *That* I can do.
La Dolce Vita
 Again, love this look, but shake my head at the thought of putting up wallpaper, even if it would turn out this gorgeous.
 Palmer Weiss

 Definitely paint + stencil. Shuttle and elegant. And it was done with a Sharpie!
Apartment Therapy
 With my luck, my stripes would be completely crooked and my husband would bring it up every time he saw it.  Cuz that's what he does!

Either it's wood or really cool wallpaper :)
ELLE Decor

I recently saw a tutorial on Martha Stewart about faux bois.  I turned out great, and I am definitely going to try it.  Not sure if an entire wall would work, so I am going to try out it out on something smaller first.  It's on my long list of things to do.


  1. where did you get the sharpie one? i sooo wanna do that! gorgeous!

  2. Athena, I have seen it done a few times, but that specific pic is from Gus & Lula:


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