Friday, October 14, 2011

Living Room Design, Part 2

After much debate, my hubby and I have finally agreed on a style for our living room. I really didn't think he would want to be involved in the designing of our new home, but apparently I was wrong. I compiled tons of pictures and also did some really bad photoshoping, and we finally agreed on this look.

I love the textures in this room and that will be hard to replicate, I know. And there are things that I am not in love with too, so I will be adding my own twist. But at least we have a jumping off point. 

Our first purchase was the couch.  We wanted a sectional, but a light color - like that tan - won't work with a dog, an accident-prone hubby and our future children.  I did find a pretty inexpensive version at Jennifer Convertible.

It's only $800 which makes me suspicious. It must not be comfortable.

So we search high and low and finally found a couch at Macy's.  Woohoo!  Now, just to piece the rest of it together.  I think my next obstacle will be rugs.

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