Monday, October 24, 2011

Everything Goes Wrong

I don't know how much more of this I can take!  This weekend was jammed packed with errands and (attempted) DIY projects.  On Saturday hubby and I went bedroom furniture shopping, which seemed like an all-day event.  On Sunday, I went to Home Depot to buy the Martha Stewart faux bois kit that I posted about on Friday and some paint.  I got home and took the power sander to the bookcase.  And thennnn I went to take a photo and I realized that I had lost my phone.... at Home Depot.  I rushed back but they hadn't found it. I left my hubby's cell number and a few hours later they called to tell me that they had found it.  Wooohooo, thanks Home Depot!

So since I wasted about an hour driving back and forth to Home Depot and it got really chilly in the 'burbs while the sun was setting (I was using my parent's home for my projects), I didn't get around to finishing the faux bois bookcase.  Well, really, I didn't even start it besides sanding.  So I will table that project for now and maybe get it to next week.

I did spray paint a few candles holders (pics soon) and 2 mirrors.  Here are the before pics:
all taped up and ready to go

The gold color is nice, but a little old fashion looking.  The silver looks more modern, and I am pleased with the final results.  I will take some photos of the new, silver frames just as soon as I recover from the insanity that was this weekend :)

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