Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zara, you confuse me so

I love Zara.  It started when I studied abroad (before it came to the US).  I love that now there is one a few blocks from both my home and office.  However, their Fall 2011 campaign confuses me.  I know that menswear is in.  I get it.  It looks cool.  But why have a model wearing menswear who looks kind of like a man (a pretty one, at that)?  Don't get me wrong, this (female) model is beautiful, but it was sort of confusing when I saw the photos/billboards/ads.  I thought, "is that a man or a woman? I want that coat, but is this men's?"  Just seems confusing to me why they would pick this model and style her this way. Then again, what do I know!

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